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*Our kittens will come with age-appropriate vaccines, deworming and vet checked, as well as a health guarantee.  Non-refundable holding fee and signed legally binding kitten contract required.  Kittens will be priced according to generation, quality and adherence to the Savannah Cat Standard. 

* We make NO guarantees, promises or speculations on the future size of any Savannah kitten from Clos du Chat.  We CAN guarantee they will be beautiful, healthy and happy. Please research this unique breed to see if they are right for you and your family.

* It is the purchaser's responsibility to assure Savannah Cats are legal in their place of residence.   Please check at: www.hybridlaw.com  Renters must have proof from their landlords that cats are allowed. 

* We reserve the right to refuse to place a kitten with any individual we feel will not provide the best possible home.

* We offer life-long support to our kitten's new families; please call or email if you have any questions!  We love to talk "Savannah"....!

From the first mating of an African Serval to a domestic cat, Savannahs have captured the hearts and enthusiasm of people worldwide.  Their outgoing and social personality and appearance are like no other breed of house cat, and we are proud to be a part of this developing breed of domestic cat!  From the F1 generation (serval and domestic cat) to the SBT Savannah (4 generations of Savannah to Savannah), there is a Savannah to suit everyone.  We breed for F3-F7 kittens using rare and established bloodlines.  We do not own a serval :)

We are a very small, entirely in-home TICA registered cattery.  We raise only a few select litters per year.  Our cats are not caged, but do have access in warm weather to two enclosed porches for their "outdoor" enjoyment.  We feed grain-free quality dry food, raw and cooked meats for optimal health.  Our cats are FELV/FIV/TF and parasite free, and are kept up to date on vaccines and health care.  We strive to raise healthy, well-socialized and quality kittens as our most important goal, and offer life-long support for our customers and their kittens.  
Our Cattery...and why our cats and kittens are well-socialized and very spoiled :)
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* We encourage and allow home visits prior to pickup for our kittens.  

* We do not ship.