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Here are just a few of our past babies.  We love to get updated pics of kittens in their new homes!  If you are a past kitten customer, and would like your Savannah included here, please contact me :)  
Mika  F7A
Owned by Adrienne
Mowgli and Mika
Nero F7A
Owned by Pete
Linus F7A
Owned by AmberLynn
Calypso F7A
Owned by Angelia, Mike and family
Mufasa F4C
Owned by Jared and Chelsea
*****Hello Pam!  I hope this finds all is well.  I wanted to let you know the ladies are keeping us amused!  Zelda loves to help do the dishes...and she has to be involved in everything!  Sara sits back and watches her sister think of more things to do.  They are just beautiful!  I can't thank you enough!  Denise
*****I wanted to let you know that Mufasa is doing wonderful and is getting very big as well.  Hope you are enjoying your summer as well as we are with our new family member.  Thanks again!  Jared & Chelsea

*****Just thought I'd give you a peek at how comfortable the kittens are in thier new home.  They are doing great and providing us with lots of entertainment!  They cuddle up in bed with me (and the dog, of course) every night!  Adrienne
*****Wilbur (chihuaha) and Linus are best friends!...We love him; he is quite the energetic addition to the family....he's so beautiful!  AmberLynn
****Calypso and Griffin are getting along too well!  Calypso just loves my Mike...he is sooo happy!  Thank you so much for this little bundle of happiness!  Angelia
​...he is a personality to say the least!  And talk about smart?  He is an incredibly intelligent little boy.  I mean wow...smarter than I expected for sure!  He knew and responded to his name in a single day!  Pete
Marley F7A 
Owned by Nick
Hi Pam, I just wanted to tell you how awesome Marley is...he is the best cat  I have ever had, he follows directions, and plays fetch better than some dogs.  He is the smartest cat I have ever met.  I am very happy with him....Nick
Adrian and Allia, and Ryan and Annabeth with their F5 SBT sisters...two very happy boys and kittens!
Thor F5 SBT owned by Jeremy
*****We brought home our first savannah boy a couple of weeks ago and couldn't be happier! Pam was incredibly helpful and kind with some amazingly beautiful cats and kittens. Our new boy Thor is adjusting to his new home incredibly well. He is also enjoying the company of his new brother Loki...
A very proud Aundrea and Bonaparte (F7SBT) showing off his kitten final at the Great Lakes Regional Show. What a great honor!  
Happy dad Jarryd and Brennan (F4B)