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Ph:  989-560-7420  after 4:00 p.m.

****Missing Savannah Cats****
Linus is an F7 golden brown spotted Savannah missing on Drummond Island, near Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  He is one of our former kittens, and has been missing for several months.  It is believed he was taken in and is being cared for by someone living on Drummond Island.  If you have seen him, or know of his whereabouts, please contact us immediately!  989-560-7420, or his owner:  906-322-2312.

Linus is a very large cat, and is a light golden neutered boy with spots and stripes.  He may be mistaken for a Bengal.  His owner is heartbroken, and wants him back home!
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*****We are a member of the Savannah Rescue Team.   If you must find your Savannah a new home, whether from us or another breeder, please contact us.  We are here to help and can assist with any issues you may be having :)  If you have lost or found a Savannah, we will be happy to share the info here as well.                                     http://svrescue.com/home/

This gorgeous boy was lost in the Holt, Michigan area, near Lansing after he slipped unnoticed out the door.  He is neutered and declawed, and is extremely friendly and playful.  He loves to chase balls. His family is devastated and want him home now.  They are offering a generous reward for his safe return.  He has been missing since March, 2013. If you have seen this boy or have any info on his whereabouts,  please call Mike at 734-740-5289.