We are a very small in-home TICA registered family cattery located in central Michigan.  Our cats are first and foremost our family pets, and are raised in our home. Our Savannahs are highly intelligent, interactive, healthy and sociable as well as beautiful. See our "Kittens" page for available kittens.  Be sure to check back frequently for updates and pictures of upcoming litters!

Email: pamclos17@gmail.com
Phone:  989-560-7420 after 3 p.m.
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So you want a Savannah cat in your life!  Perhaps you saw the cute videos on Animal Planet, or have seen pictures on the internet of gorgeous spotted kitties with tall ears, long legs and lean bodies.  We highly recommend you research these beautiful domestic cats to know if they are the right fit for you and your home...and the cat.  Savannahs are very intelligent and social; they are not the type of cat who sleeps all day and hides from visitors.  They love to be with their people and greet and get to know new ones.  Savannahs that are well-socialized are perfect pets for children that have been taught to treat pets with respect, and they often make close friends with cat-friendly dogs.  Savannahs are called "dog-like" in nature due to their extremely social nature.  They are VERY active and require well made toys, cat trees, regular playtime, and safe and indoor places to explore.  They do NOT make good indoor/outdoor cats due to their nature to investigate everything that moves and will go chasing after every butterfly or leaf that catches their eye, at times roaming far from home in their search. They are sometimes stolen or never found if allowed outdoors, unless kept in a cat-proof enclosure with a secure roof, or walked with a well fitting secure walking jacket and leash.  There are many dangers to be found outdoors, including dogs, other cats, cars, coyotes, and the unknown...we will not sell a kitten or cat to anyone who intends to allow their Savannah to roam outside.  We recommend your Savannah and other pets be microchipped in case they escape.   

Savannahs are like any other breed of house cat.  They eat regular cat food and require the same vaccines and regular vet care.  They are not exotic or wild animals and we refer to the babies as "kittens" and not as "cubs".   Savannahs can be shown if they are an SBT (Stud Book Tradition); and no less than an F4 SBT cat.  This means they are 4 generations from the serval ancestor and have four generations of Savannah to Savannah parents and grandparents in their pedigree, at which point they are considered a purebred cat according to the International Cat Association (TICA), but any cat with at least one Savannah parent is considered and registered as a Savannah.  Thus, an "A" Savannah has one Savannah parent and a parent of another breed; a "B" has two Savannah parents, but one or two non-Savannah grandparents; a "C" means that both parents and grandparents are Savannahs, but one or more great-grandparents are not.  We feel that our "A" and "B" Savannah kittens are every bit as beautiful, intelligent and interactive, and often typier than those that are "C's" or "SBT"s....:)  

If you have researched the Savannah breed and have decided you would be the perfect home (and they are legal in your area), then take the time to research various breeders and find the one you are most comfortable with and trust.  A good breeder should answer your questions promptly and be willing to offer life-long support after your kitten comes home.

www.savannahcat.com is a very good site that lists reputable Savannah breeders throughout the world.  There is sure to be a breeder listed there that has the cat or kitten that will be right for you...and the Savannah in your life!
Check out our Kittens page for new and available babies!